Technical Service Specialist (Construction, Energy & Machinery)

Country: Slovenia

Business Unit: Tehnical Service Department

Reports to: Managing Director

Overall Role Purpose and the main goals of the job:

To oversee technical support for industrial professionals and consumers in Slovenia. Responsible for developing TCG Construction, Machinery, Energy products technical systems according to the strategy. Managing and developing the TCG Construction, Machinery, Energy technical support team and skills. To have responsibility of producing certain technical written materials. Training and education responsibility in Adriatic region and for mentioned above customer groups.

The most important daily tasks and responsibilities:

To be part of Technical department in Slovenia for Adriatic region:

  • to manage daily routines of technical department,
  • to oversee producing written products and technical datasheets,
  • helps producing technical marketing material texts,
  • training and education material together with technical team,
  • to visit regularly customer’s site when required,
  • to participate actively in customer’s projects,
  • training and educating of customers and other internal and external stakeholders,
  • to test coatings properties in-house and on site,
  • to liaise with the relevant department on challenging product related claims,
  • ensuring good working climate and motivation among the employees,
  • to open opportunities of new potential customers/segments/ products.

Skills / Qualifications:

Key capabilities, competencies:

  • Active, technical oriented, commercial minded
  • Experience of professional technical knowledge in TCG Construction, Machinery, Energy
  • Understanding and experience of sales channels within B2B environment. 
  • Analytical skills. 
  • Technically advanced. 
  • Able to identify the value for the customer (value-selling). 
  • IT general knowledge: Windows, Office, CRM systems
  • Proven people management skills
  • Very good communication skills (written and verbal) English, Croatian/Bosnian or Serbian and local language

Expected years of experience (Minimum):

5 years professional painting work or other similar experience together with at least 5 years technical specialist experience in TCG Construction, Machinery, Energy and or international company in related industry.

Expected Educational Qualifications:

Degree in Chemistry and or higher educational level in similar background.


Degree in Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and or higher educational level in similar background.

Personal qualities/features:

Feature What does it mean within this role/expectation in daily life.
Creativity Supports sales of products with creativity product development ideas that generate added value for customers and increases the awareness of Teknos products, out of the box thinking, promotes sharing of ideas, develops processes.
Persistence Long term commitment persistently proceeds the chosen technical related processes often under pressure and tight time schedules.
Fairness Reliable and trustworthy communication based on facts, fair and equal attitude towards employees, customers and other stakeholders.
Building and leading teams Encourages effective cooperation among team members and between teams. Can use the knowledge of the whole team.
Customer orientation Can communicate with customers about sales and product development issues.
Cross border thinking Considers other Teknos segments in product developing ideas and negotiations. Tries to support cooperation between segments.
Open and honest communication Can communicate honestly and openly inside and outside on the company.
Fast and effective decision process Owns fast and effective decision-making abilities.
Sustainability Can provide sustainable solutions to the team and customers
Continuous improvement Long term commitment on ongoing improvement of products and processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements.



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