TEKNOL 3885-00

Cladding primer

  • Water-borne
  • Primer

TEKNOL 3885-00, a water borne industrial primer for exterior wooden cladding

TEKNOL 3885-00 is a water borne industrial primer for wood designated for exterior use. TEKNOL 3885-00 can be applied by brush machine, or brush. TEKNOL 3885-00 will typically be applied on softwood (pine or spruce).

TEKNOL 3885-00 is optimised as primer which can be exposed for up to 6 months prior being finally treated on-site. TEKNOL 3885-00 is available as opaque factory tinted shades, or can be supplied as base for on-site tinting. TEKNOL 3885-00 is a highly versatile, robust and easy to use softwood primer, which typically is used for claddings.

Technical data sheet

Volatile organic compound (VOC) See Safety Data Sheet.
Tinting system Teknocolor
Drying time - overcoatable 24 hours
Thinner The product is delivered ready for use.
Clean up The equipment is cleaned with water.