Water borne acrylic primer and intermediate

  • Low-temperature curing
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Water-borne
  • Intermediate
  • Primer

Drywood Optiprimer ZG 050003-00, a water borne industrial primer and intermediate for new wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.

Drywood Optiprimer ZG 050003-00 can be applied by Airmix (aircoat) or airless by hand or in automatic spraying equipment. Drywood Optiprimer ZG 050003-00 is suitable for industrial priming of new untreated softwood and hardwood. All softwood and non-durable hardwood for exterior use should be treated with a wood preservative. When re-coating / re-treating the full cured product an intermediate sanding must be carried out. Exterior durability of coating systems including Drywood Optiprimer ZG 050003-00 is typically documented according to BRL0814/0817.

Drywood Optiprimer ZG 050003-00 is available as factory tinted opaque shades, or can be supplied as bases for on-site tinting. Drywood Optiprimer ZG 050003-00 is a robust and easy to use primer and midcoat optimised for high demands on filling and hiding power, and is typically used for exterior windows and doors.

Solids abt. 36 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 40 g/l
Volatile organic compound (VOC) See Safety Data Sheet.
Gloss Semigloss
Theoretical spreading rate approx. 7,5 m2/l at 50 µm dry film thickness
Density abt. 1.1 g/ml
Approvals & certificates KOMO Certificate BRL 0814 (32998),KOMO Certificate BRL 0817 (33135)