Feyco Treffert complements the Teknos product line-up

Welcome aboard: Feyco Treffert

Integrating Feyco Treffert makes the ideal addition for Teknos and Teknos customers. Feyco Treffert brings on board strong expertise, innovative solutions and a large product portfolio for wood interiors.

Renowned paint manufacturer Feyco Treffert came under Teknos ownership in May. With sales of 72 million euros and 380 employees in six countries, this marks the largest acquisition that Teknos has made to date. It takes in Feyco AG of Switzerland, Treffert Coatings GmbH in Germany, subsidiaries in China, Malaysia and the USA, as well as Schekolin AG with its production plant at Bendern in Liechtenstein.

“The acquisition strengthens our position in the wood finishes segment, offers access to new markets in Switzerland, Malaysia and the USA, and opens up new opportunities for us in the timber and construction industries,” says Kim Smith, Senior Vice President Industrial Wood at Teknos.

Teknos and Feyco Treffert still had separate booths at the LIGNA show in Hanover. Their first joint outing was in mid-September at Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China in Shanghai. Under the slogan ‘Live green, live life’, Teknos and Feyco Treffert showed off their combined coating expertise with a consolidated portfolio of paints for furniture, doors, floors and garden furniture.

Over a century of experience

Feyco Treffert brings along over 100 years of experience in wood surface treatments. Feyco’s origins date back to 1902. Feyco AG was founded in 1962, then successively expanded through the 70s and 80s at its St. Margrethen site close to the Austrian border on Lake Constance. German company Treffert Coatings GmbH was founded in 1937 in Alzenau near Frankfurt. As it grew over the decades, subsidiaries were set up in Malaysia, Singapore, China and the USA.

In the early 2000s first Feyco and then Treffert were integrated in Looser Holding AG. In 2013 they embarked on a joint marketing operation, and since 2015 the two companies have combined their presence under the umbrella brand FEYCO TREFFERT. The takeover by Teknos now marks the start of a new chapter. With a large product portfolio for wood interiors and strong presence in Asia and the USA, Feyco is the ideal addition for Teknos.

Doors, floors and interiors

Feyco Treffert develops and manufactures coating solutions for industrial manufacturing companies, and professional products for wood craftspeople. The portfolio includes wood stains, oxidative drying oils, UV-curing varnish and oil systems, water-based and solvent-based 1K and 2K paint systems, care products and accessories. The focus is on solutions for internal doors, floors and interiors/furniture. The Feyco Treffert portfolio also includes various solutions for wood outdoors. 

Perfect rolled finishes for internal doors

For manufacturers of [bold] internal doors, Feyco Treffert offers a variety of standard and custom paint systems for coating processes such as rolling, pouring, spray application / spraying robots and vacuum coating. High-quality, water-stain resistant surfaces are achievable using these systems, with rolled and sprayed finishes of equivalent appearance and durability. Feyco Treffert also specializes in colored doors roll-painted in RAL and NCS shades.

Key competence in flooring

Solutions for [bold] flooring materials are a particular competency focus. For prefabricated parquet, Feyco Treffert offers a series of economical, high-performance products for industrial processes, especially UV-curing systems for application by roller. A variety of standard and special products are available for laminates, among them putty, primers, printing inks, V-groove paints, topcoats, textured and pore coatings. For natural cork flooring, Feyco Treffert offers solutions for transparent as well as opaque coating, for example digitally printed decorative surfaces.

For non-traditional substrates as well, such as LVT variants, Feyco Treffert works with customers to develop individual solutions that are just right for the job, for instance special adhesion primers that grip firmly onto an elastic substrate while forming a barrier layer against the plasticizers. The company is also a pioneer in coating systems for bamboo flooring. It offers various solvent-free, environmentally compatible coating system solutions for this substrate, based on UV curing technology that is free from solvent emissions and formaldehyde, and gets by without chlorine chemistry.

From back panels to interiors/furniture

Feyco Treffert offers craft coatings for upmarket interior work, as well as industrial solutions. Among the focal areas here are systems for furniture panels and thin board. The portfolio includes products for all the usual coating processes and meets differing requirements for surface quality and the specifics of each process.