New Teknos Managing Directors in Asia and Europe

With acquisitions and successful business, the Teknos organization is growing further. In the last months, Teknos has appointed new Managing Directors in China, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

Jacky Cheng has been appointed as Managing Director of Teknos China and Teknos Treffert. Jacky previously was General Manager of Teknos China and will now be responsible for all Teknos operations in China which has grown substantially with the acquisition of Feyco Treffert. As part of the integration project, Jacky will resume responsibility for both legal entities for the Metal and the Industrial Wood business, and drive the integration and focus on growth in China for both the Wood and the Metal segments. Jacky is originally from Taiwan and has been in Shanghai for more than 10 years. Prior to joining Teknos, he has worked for PPG China and Hempel Taiwan.

Wanda Smith has been appointed as Managing Director of Teknos Treffert Malaysia. She will be responsible for the Teknos operations in Malaysia and South-East Asia and will have a key role in developing and managing the operation to support Teknos' growth plan in the Asian markets. For the past 14 years Wanda has been responsible for the Group Corporate Affairs activities of the FEYCO TREFFERT Group. Her wide experience within corporate affairs, long experience in the coatings markets and multinational background are perfect combinations when taking over the new role as Managing Director. FEYCO TREFFERT Malaysia has been operating in Malaysia/South-East Asia since 1997 with steadfast growth and progress.

Mari de Meijer has been appointed as Managing Director of Teknos Drywood in the Netherlands. He will be responsible for the operations in the Netherlands including both local sales and paint manufacturing. Mari has more than 25 years of experience from different roles within coatings industry, most recently for R&D operations in Teknos Drywood. Teknos completed the acquisition of Dutch Drywood Coatings BV in October 2016. Teknos Drywood develops, produces and sells water-based coatings for wooden substrates. The company has its production unit in Enschede near the German border and maintains a leading market position in the Industrial Wood Coatings market in the Netherlands. 

Jacky Cheng, CEO Teknos Treffert, China

Wanda Smith, CEO Teknos Treffert, Malaysia

Mari de Meijer, CEO Teknos Drywood, Netherlands