Furniture Coating Novelties

Under the motto 'Live green, live life' Teknos has presented the latest solutions for furniture, doors, floors and garden furniture in Shanghai. It was the first joint trade fair presentation with Feyco Treffert in Asia.

Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for the furniture industry in Asia, drawing 120,000 visitors from 158 countries. Furniture manufacturers from all over the world came to find information on the latest components, materials and processes. Feyco Treffert was already represented in 2016 in Shanghai; this year Teknos presented itself with Feyco Treffert at the FMC. The motto 'Live green, live life’ implied modern, environment-friendly wood coating solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

For indoor use the latest Feyco Treffert solutions for furniture, interior doors and floors were primarily on show:

Water-borne products for indoor use

> 1K and 2K paints (clear and pigmented)

> water-borne UV systems

> water-borne varnishes

UV paints and oils for indoor use

> complete UV paint system for doors, MDF panels, etc.

> Oxidative drying oils

> LED curing paints

For outdoor use the focus is on the latest Teknos coating systems for garden furniture:

> water-borne wood preservatives

> water- borne special primers against discolouration from the wood substances

> water- borne topcoats (white, opaque, translucent)

> solvent- borne surface treatment for teak and other hardwoods

Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China (FMC) was held in Shanghai 12 - 15 September 2017

Teknos first joint trade fair presentation with Feyco Treffert in Asia.