Teknos recommendations for Accoya® and Tricoya®

Accoya® and the newer Tricoya® are manufactured in patented processes and have become increasingly popular in many application areas. Teknos has produced a new brochure that includes the most important information and recommendations for coating both substrates.

A new brochure provides details of all the Accoya solutions offered by Teknos: System products for dipping, flow coating, automatic or manual spraying as well as maintenance coatings. It also includes specific recommendations for opaque and translucent coatings on windows, doors, facades and other applications.

Teknos has engaged in Accoya coatings for a long time. Teknos application specialists work closely together with the manufacturer and have many years of experience working with the material. For more than five years, a long-term weathering test has been running at Teknos UK in Oxfordshire. It is monitored by a testing institute and provides valuable knowledge about the durability of Accoya with Teknos coatings.

Tricoya - New possibilities with MDF

The newer Tricoya wood features many of the benefits of Accoya. Tricoya is a high-performance MDF substrate that was developed to minimize the water absorbed by wood fibers and therefore prevent the material from swelling and shrinking. It is also based on acetylation technology and manufactured in a modified MDF process.

Tricoya boards offer exceptional dimensional stability and meet the requirements of durability class 1. They are also suitable for demanding outdoor or wet area applications such as door joints, cladding, cornices, soffits and many more. Tricoya is easy to cut, machine and install, while offering a host of different design possibilities.

Teknos also offers tried and tested Tricoya coating solutions that provide manufacturers with a solid basis for guarantee statements. Recommended products include TEKNOSEAL 4002 and AQUATOP 2600 for a final coating and - depending on the application - TEKNOSEAL 4000 and TEKNOSEAL 4001 for sealing exposed end grain and V-joints.

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If you have any questions about Accoya or Tricoya coatings or are looking for a specific solution, your Teknos contacts will be happy to help you. The new brochure is also available for download:  Coatings for Accoya or Tricoya

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