Flashback Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China (12.-15. September 2017)

Successful presentation at the FMC in Shanghai

In September, Teknos was present at the Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China exhibition in Shanghai. The first global exhibition appearance since the integration of Feyco Treffert attracted a great deal of interest among the visitors. Jacky Cheng, Managing Director of Teknos China, explains why.

'Live green, live life' was the motto of the Teknos exhibition stand at the FMC. The focus was placed on environmentally friendly coating solutions for furniture, doors, floors and garden furniture. The product samples exhibited on the stand included water-borne 1K and 2K-products, a water-borne UV coating system, oxidative drying oils, LED-curing coatings as well as various water-borne wood preservatives, specialist primers and topcoats for exterior wooden elements.

Jacky Cheng, Managing Director of Teknos China, explains what interested the visitors the most and why the exhibition was such a success for Teknos.

Question: Why is the FMC important for Teknos?

Jacky Cheng: The FMC is the most important exhibition for the furniture industry in China. In 2016, Feyco Treffert participated in the exhibition for the first time with a view to tackling the furniture market segment more aggressively. This year, we were able to present a wider variety of products under the umbrella of Teknos in an expanded product portfolio, including products for exterior applications. Teknos regards the furniture industry as the market with the greatest growth potential in China, which is why the exhibition is so important for us.

Question: How did the visitors react to the debut appearance of Teknos Treffert?

Jacky Cheng: The response was very positive. Until now, Teknos was not particularly well-known in China. Many visitors seemed surprised at the size of the Teknos product range for both interior and exterior applications. They were particularly impressed at our vast experience with water-borne systems. Innovations such as our fire-retardant systems, coatings for UV LED processes and solutions for digital printing solutions generated a great deal of interest. The overall impression was that Teknos Treffert has much more to offer the Chinese market  than Feyco Treffert.

Question: Which solutions interested the visitors the most?

Jacky Cheng: Water-borne coatings without a shadow of a doubt. Due to the latest environmental guidelines in China, many manufacturers will soon have to switch from solvent-borne to water-borne coatings. The products presented on our stand were enough to convince them that Teknos offers all the right solutions. It was also important for the visitors to know that we have the experience and know-how to support customers who are changing over to processes with a low VOC content.

Question: How do you rate the success of the exhibition?

Jacky Cheng: The total number of visitors to the exhibition increased by more than 26% from the previous year and we noticed the difference at the stand. We had many great discussions and were could establish new contacts with manufacturers from China and Southeast Asia. Both are important growth markets for Teknos. The discussions at the exhibition showed that we have good chances of reinforcing our market position using the combined strengths of Teknos and Feyco Treffert. All things considered, the exhibition was a complete success for us.


Jacky Cheng, Managing Director of Teknos China

Garden furniture with Teknos opaque coating system

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