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ON water, ON land and in the air

Record-breaking wooden high-rise buildings, offshore applications, architectural coatings and all kinds of exterior formwork and wooden windows - Teknos Norway is a versatile, active national subsidiary based in the north. 

"Norway is a large country and journeys to the customer can lead along remote roads and take a long time", explains Espen Lund, Managing Director of Teknos Norge AS. "But for the dedicated, competent support of our customers, no journey is too long."

The recipe seems to be paying dividends. Teknos has been represented in Norway by an independent sales branch since 1991 and has grown continuously ever since. As Managing Director, Espen Lund has been responsible for Teknos' business in Norway since January 2017.

The annual turnover of Teknos Norway is currently 140 million NOK (around 14.5 million euro). The latest figures are not yet available, but there are already signs that 2018 was a particularly good year.

"Business in architectural coatings has been booming", explains Espen Lund. "Firstly, because we have been able to expand our distribution base by integrating Teknos Drywood and its strong sales partners here in Norway. Secondly, the weather this year was perfect for external renovations. Good weather is not always guaranteed in Norway, which is why there was such a high demand for architectural coatings this year."

Leading position on the domestic market

Exterior formwork and windows are still the primary areas of business for Teknos Norway. Teknos is a market leader in both areas in Norway, but exterior formwork is the most dominant area by some distance with a market share of more than 60 per cent.

Industrial coatings for wood interiors are growing in popularity. Teknos Norway is currently enjoying the most success with solutions for internal paneling. Typical requirements include short process times and a traditional appearance with modern substrates - Teknos also offers innovative solutions to meet these exact requirements.

Flagship projects with TEKNOSAFE

Teknos Norway's key to success is outstanding technical support, which is indispensable for industrial customers looking for the best solutions to achieve a high degree of quality and outstanding processing.

But Teknos is also gaining new customers and securing new projects in Norway through innovative solutions. Take the fire-retardant TEKNOSAFE primers as an example. Certified according to European and local Norwegian fire protection classes, these system solutions have been used in many notable projects over the last few years. Such as the 'Treet' in Bergen in 2015, the world's highest residential block made entirely out of timber standing at 51 meters high.

We are particularly happy to be participating in this extraordinary flagship project with fire-retardant TEKNOSAFE internal and external coatings.

Espen Lund, Managing Director, Teknos Norge AS

The 'Mjøstårnet' building in Brumundal to the north of Oslo is going to be even higher. Scheduled for completion at the start of 2019 and containing office space, apartments and a hotel, the building is due to set a new world record: 18 storeys and 80 meters tall with a glued laminated timber construction. "We are particularly happy to be participating in this extraordinary flagship project with fire-retardant TEKNOSAFE internal and external coatings", says Espen Lund.

Good future prospects

Teknos Norway not only operates at lofty heights, but also on the ground and even offshore. Teknos provides heavy corrosion protection for oil rigs and for many years, has been an established provider of special paints for road markings, primarily in Nordic countries.

The infrastructure sector is expected to offer enormous potential for Teknos Norway over the next few years. "The Norwegian government has just launched a program for the widespread construction of roads, bridges and tunnels in Norway", explains Espen Lund delightedly. "From road markings to corrosion protection for bridge construction, we have the perfect solutions for all of these projects."

Teknos Norway is expecting an exciting next few years - good future prospects for a successful Teknos sales company.

Espen Lund, Managing Director, Teknos Norge A/S

Teknos Norge A/S

Founded in 1991

Spikkestad (20 km southwest of Oslo)

Annual revenues approx. 14.5 million Euro

"Treet" - fire-retardant with TEKNOSAFE

Fourteen storeys tall with a breath-taking view of the harbour city of Bergen and the surrounding fjord landscape – the “Treet”, built in 2015.

The visible surfaces of the laminated timber elements on the interior vere treated with TEKNOSAFE 2467-00 and TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331 clear coating. TEKNOSAFE 2467-00 
also works as a foaming, insulating layer in the event of fire. 

Case study Treet


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