WindEnergy Hamburg 25 - 28 September 2018


Teknos at the Global Wind Summit

The Global Wind Summit with trade fair and conference takes place in September. As the leading paint manufacturer for the industry, Teknos will be represented in Hamburg and show innovative coatings for onshore and offshore wind turbines.

With visitors from over 100 countries, WindEnergy Hamburg and the WindEurope Conference taking place concurrently constitute a worldwide summit meeting of the onshore and offshore industry. Around 35,000 trade visitors are expected at the fair, while the conference with more than 500 speakers and 2,000 participants will focus on significant current and future themes relevant to the wind industry.

Coatings for wind turbines are a Teknos core competency. Teknos offers a wide range of innovative paint systems for onshore and offshore facilities.

All of the leading international companies and specialist suppliers will be represented in Hamburg – including Teknos, where coatings for wind turbines have long been a core competency. Teknos offers a wide range of conventional as well as innovative low solvent/VOC free paint systems for onshore and offshore facilities such as wind turbine towers, rotor blades, components including main shafts, gearboxes and generator nacelles, as well as paint systems for sea spray and tidal zones and the immersed sections of offshore towers. Teknos solutions already coat more than 500 wind turbine towers worldwide.

Fewer coats, faster drying at ambient temperature – innovative paint systems from Teknos can reduce surface treatment costs for wind turbines by 30-40%.

Solutions for wind turbines presented by Teknos in Hamburg will include zinc-free powder coatings, low-solvent paint and polyurethane paint with particularly high solids content. Compared to conventional coatings, the innovative Teknos solutions achieve the same final result with fewer coats and faster drying at ambient temperature. Surface treatment costs for wind turbines can be reduced by 30-40% this way – an on-target contribution when it comes to cost-efficiency, which will be one of three focal topics at the fair.

Meet Teknos

Hall B7 • Stand 242

Germany, Hamburg
25 - 28 September 2018

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