Product-specific information is made quicker to access on the site by scanning the new QR-codes on product labels. Teknos also updates the design of industrial packages.

Qr-code on product label leads to product information

As a new feature to improve user experience and usability, Teknos will have QR codes on the industrial product labels. Scanning the QR code will lead user straight to product webpage with all the product-related information and official documents. The improvement facilitates finding the product information, instead of searching at Teknos website, you’ll get the info straight to your mobile device just by scanning the code. You can download QR Code Scanner from application store on your mobile device. The QR codes will be added to the labels step by step, first with the products manufactured in Finland.

Teknos industrial label update example

Industrial packages' updated look

Teknos updates the design of industrial packages to a new, modernized look to be according to recently renewed brand visuals. The new look is in alignment with the old and familiar white look, combining distinct Teknos logo and a straight blue line on top of the can. By modernizing the existing design, our products stay easily identified as well-known Teknos products.The new design will be implemented both in industrial cans and powder coatings cardboard boxes.Teknos Industrial Packaging

Painting News |september 2018