Brief process for PVC profiles - AQUACOAT 2661

Teknos now offers a new effective solution for low-VOC PVC coating in continuous, high-volume production processes. AQUACOAT 2661 is a water-borne 1K hybrid coating that achieves elastic, hard-wearing surfaces with great durability and stable gloss. It is designed for use with TEKNOCLEAN 1952 water-borne cleaner. The coating is tested in accordance with AAMA 615 for Superior coatings.

AQUACOAT 2661 is available for satin smooth or matt textured surfaces and can be tinted with the TEKNOCOLOR tinting system. The dark colours are really 'cool': They use a special black pigment which reflects infrared light, thus preventing excessive temperatures from building up under the coating film.

Its excellent process time is a major advantage. The coating is sprayed on as a single-layer system and dried at room temperature or force-dried, as desired. The drying time at room temperature is just one hour.

AQUACOAT 2661 is available now.