Painting Metal newsletter archive

Painting Metal newsletter 2016/3

  • Paula Salastie - Businessman of the Year
  • Leeb - One step ahead of progress
  • At the OmaSP Stadium collaborative groups score
  • HygTech Alliance - Safe, practical, and stylish common areas
  • The Functional Coatings tour in Sweden


Painting Metal newsletter 2016/2

  • Heat-resistant paints - New video!
  • Dinolift Oy - Increased production capacity and even better corrosion resistance
  • Colour-coded parking spaces help drivers to park
  • 40 years of Sirkus Finlandia - A glossy new coat of paint for the lorries

Painting Metal 2016-1

Painting Metal newsletter 2016/1

  • The functional coatings video series begins!
  • Anti-graffiti products create savings
  • A little bit of luxury on the way up
  • NORSOK M-501 - Heavyweight corrosion protection


Painting Metal newsletter 2015/5

  • Painting equipment affects the end result
  • Salko Painting and Teknos - One of a kinds
  • Sophisticated floor covering with powder coating
  • High-end coating for workshop equipment
  • Workshop for paint users in Fulda


Painting Metal newsletter 2015/4

  • Teknos enters the world of elastomer coatings
  • Wehocoat field joint system showing excellent coating performance
  • Mik-Rip invests in new ecological painting shop
  • Fresh research results on chemical pretreatments of powder-coated sheet metal
  • Teknos acquires Trading Company Massco

Painting Metal newsletter 2015/3

  • The world of paint – New video!
  • Severe arctic climatic conditions at Sabetta port
  • Hubtex shines with Teknos paints
  • Joining efforts at Lidselmash
  • Does your boat need painting?

Painting Metal newsletter 2015/2

  • Securing the Energy Supply
  • Andresen Towers - When good design and good paint work together
  • VAK Oy -Less is more
  • Welcome to Scandinavian Coating on May 19–21!

Painting Metal newsletter 2015/1

  • Quality and service are number one for us
  • Powder coating of heavy components has become more common
  • Teknos’ products protecting the new China Expo Complex steel structures
  • Long-term and reliable protection of GAZPROM objects

Painting Metal newsletter 2014/5

  • New markets in Asia-Pacific region
  • A hard worker with a glossy surface
  • Environmentally friendly prefabrication primer revolutionised comfort at work
  • Water-borne KORRO AQUA is ideal for use in welding
  • Coating for gas pipes in Germany and Russia
  • Opening hours over Christmas and New Year


Painting Metal newsletter 2014/4

  • Teknos invests in growth
  • Polar Metalli's outdoor grills withstand heat and corrosion
  • A happy winner
  • INFRALIT powder coatings became part of Fortaco's E-coat process
  • Excellent coated for all climate zones

Painting Metal newsletter 2014/3

  • Painting Metal newsletter in a browser
  • Ponsse relies on co-operation with Teknos
  • Restaurants on rails
  • PINTA 2014 Fair
  • PaintExpo 2014
  • Särkänniemi Adventure Park gets more colourful with road-marking paints
  • Opening hours on Midsummer

Painting Metal newsletter 2014/2

  • Strengthening the product range
  • Abloy - Active cooperation, solid results
  • Anti-corrosion and surface treatment industry associations to combine forces
  • PINTA 2014 Fair, 6-8 May 2014
  • Come and try your hand at virtual spray painting at our Expo stand
  • Teknos at Oil and Gas Conference in Suzdal


Painting Metal newsletter 2014/1

  • Teknos is ready to respond to growth in demand
  • The facade on DSV’s new domicile has a mother of pearl effect
  • Consolidation among Teknos’ certified quality inspectors
  • Teknos at Pinta 2014 Exhibition

Painting Metal newsletter 2013/5

  • Feedback is a key component in development
  • Higher resistance with less layers
  • Quality inspectors bring added value to Teknos’ customers
  • Teknos as a forerunner in transportation safety

Painting Metal newsletter 2013/4

  • The customer is the key
  • The most eco-friendly refurbished office building in Norway
  • TEKNOS at KIOGE Exhibition

Painting Metal newsletter 2013/EXTRA

  • CE marking for construction products

Painting Metal newsletter 2013/3

  • R&D is important to improving the metal industry’s competitiveness
  • New Transtech trams are built to withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Roof safety products and rainwater systems with over 50 years of experience
  • Virtual spray painting at Scandinavian Coating 2013
  • A 13-metre singing pike
  • Opening hours on Midsummer

Painting Metal newsletter 2013/2

  • Strong industry expertise in Estonia
  • ELHO – Deciding factors are product performance and appearance
  • INERTA 270 high solids epoxy paint for inner surfaces of tanks
  • New water-borne road-marking paint lengthens the painting season
  • Scandinavian Coating, 29.–30.5.2013