Fire retardant coating systems

During the fire intumescent paint swells to form a protective foam layer, which partially uses energy during foaming and partially insulates the underlying wood from fire. The wood turns to charcoal, but without igniting.

Architectonic freedom and safety with fire retardant coatings

Teknos fire retardant coatings, intumescent primers and paints, are waterborne and can be applied to any wood-based substrate through a traditional coating process. Our solution will ensure that your sustainable wood material meets the most stringent fire safety standards without compromising its appearance or cost.

How fire retardant coating works?

During a fire, fire retardant coating swells to form a protective foam layer, which partially uses energy during foaming and partially insulates the underlying wood from fire. Fire retardant treated wood provides benefits like a significantly slower ignition time, less smoke production, and no flaming droplets. Fire retardant treatment for wood gives people more time to escape a fire.

How to choose fire retardant coating?

Teknos actively provides technical support and training to clients. We have a wealth of experience in industrial fire retardation for normally flammable materials. We evaluate the material and suggest fire retardant wood treatment. This entails selecting a fire-retardant solution, technical application, conforming to regulations, testing, quality assurance systems, certification, training and project management. To learn more about how Teknos fire retardant coatings can boost the safety, appearance, and sustainability of your projects, please contact our sales team.

Fire retardant coating systems and classification

We continually perform full testing to ensure our products meet all relevant official fire standards and maintain regular, close contact with relevant worldwide institutes.

TEKNOS FR FACADE is a fire-retardant coating system for interior and exterior use. It is suitable for timber cladding, panels, ceilings, boards etc. It allows to use wood in those projects, where rigorous fire safety is required, in built-up areas and on tall buildings.

TEKNOS FR PANEL is a fire-retardant coating system for non-weathered wood and wood-based surfaces.

The fire regulation is for people to be able to leave the building before fire spreads out. Construction products and building elements are classified according to their characteristics with reference to reaction to fire and/or resistance to fire.

TEKNOS FR FACADE for exterior use 

Fire-retardant primer  TEKNOSAFE 2407 ≥350 g/m2
Topcoat NORDICA EKO 3330 <150 g/m2

Classification B-s1, d0 according to EN13501-1
B-s1,d0  is the best reaction to fire classification for organic materials: (difficult to ignite, no / hardly any smoke production, no flaming droplets)

Classification K110 and K210 according to EN13501-2
The fire protection ability K is the ability of a wall or ceiling covering to provide for the material behind the covering protection against ignition, charring and other damage for a specified period of time.

Classification DRF Class EXT  (Durability of Reaction to Fire Performance) for exterior applications according to NT Fire 054 

Classification SP Fire 105: approved


 TEKNOS FR FACADE for interior use 

Fire-retardant primer TEKNOSAFE 2407 250 g/m2
Topcoat industrial acrylic interior TEKNOS paint 60 g/m2


TEKNOS FR PANEL for non-weathered surfaces

  1-layer system   2-layers system  
Fire-retardant primer  TEKNOSAFE 2467 ≥200 g/m2 TEKNOSAFE 2467 ≥200 g/m2
Topcoat     TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331-01
(Item ID 2560953)
<100 g/m


TEKNOS FR PANEL for non-weathered opaque surfaces

  1-layer system   2-layers system   2-layers system  
Fire-retardant primer  TEKNOSAFE 2457 250-300 g/m2 TEKNOSAFE 2457 320-340 g/m2 TEKNOSAFE 2457 200 g/m2
Topcoat     TEKNOCOAT AQUA 1864-62 20-25 g/m TEKNOSAFE 2407 100 g/m2

Classification B-s1, d0 according to EN13501-1
B-s1,d0  is the best reaction to fire classification for organic materials (difficult to ignite, no / hardly any smoke production, no flaming droplets)



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Fire-retardant coatings

Teknos FR Facade & Teknos FR Panel


Example videos on intumescent paints for wood

TEKNOS FR coating system in SP Fire 105 test: performed on fasade coverings and external walls where a room fire is simulated.

TEKNOS FR coatings in Single Burning Item (SBI) test, where building products are exposed to thermal heat from a gas burner

An experiment: small wooden house was coated on one half with a normal coating system and on the other half with TEKNOSAFE 2407-00