Fire protection of steel structures

Teknos and Hensel in co-operation

Anti-corrosive and fire protection coatings

Fire-protective coating extends the rise time of the steel temperature. By the action of heat, the intumescent paint forms a foam layer, which isolates the heat transfer from the fire space to steel.

In a fire situation, the primary structures of a building must stand for the minimum time set for them. The purpose is to secure the safety of people in the building.

Rudolf Hensel GmbH is a leading specialist in fire protection coatings. Hensel’s brand name HENSOTHERM® covers a range of both solvent-based and water-based coating systems for fire protection painting.

Teknos and Hensel have co-operated closely in developing the market’s most effective coating systems for corrosion and fire protection. 

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Teknos & Hensel

Fighting Corrosion and Fire

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