Protecting wooden windows and cladding from hail damage

With changing weather patterns leading to more extreme weather, wooden windows and cladding are increasingly under threat from hail damage. Teknos is developing a new premium topcoat that flexes on hail impact preventing the coating film from cracking and thereby protecting the wood underneath. 

For a coating to protect wood effectively it must remain intact with no cracks. The unique film technology of TEKNOFINISH HAILRESIST has been developed to form a coating film that flexes when hit by hail and absorbs the energy of the impact, thus protecting the film from cracking. The effect is being extensively tested in a scientific research project. Surfaces treated with TEKNOFINISH HAILRESIST 4800 deliver a hail resistance class of HW 3.

TEKNOFINISH HAILRESIST 4800 is suitable for all wood species used for exterior joinery in hail areas. As with existing Teknos topcoats, the recommended system includes pre-treatment of softwood with AQUA PRIMER 2907-02 followed by the topcoat or TEKNOL AQUA 1410-01 for protection against blue stain plus AQUAPRIMER 2900 for colour balancing and perfectly even surfaces, followed by the topcoat.

Processing is trouble-free. The product is block-resistant according to EN 927-10 and has excellent levelling and adhesion properties. TEKNOFINISH HAILRESIST 4800 can be tinted in all translucent colours. With its high transparency, it achieves natural colours with reliable UV protection and excellent weather resistance.

"Hail storms are a growing challenge in many regions, therefore it is important that manufacturers are able to offer the right solution", says Søren Juhl Hansen, Teknos Product Management Director. "Self-healing solutions based on microcapsules offer a treatment that can only be released once. By contrast, the flexible coating film of TEKNOFINISH HAILRESIST 4800 will work again and again. This unique technology presents serious advantages to manufacturers of wooden windows, doors and cladding in hail areas."

Hail hitting roof

Wanda Smith
Group Commercial Director, Exterior Coatings

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