IMO certified wet and powder coatings for ships, yachts and boats

MED certified product line for ship building

In shipbuilding, high-quality surface finishing products are in demand for protecting and finishing wood, metal and other interior and exterior surfaces. An important prerequisite is IMO certification (or MED certification according to Directive 2014/90/EU). The International Maritime Organization (IMO) prescribes a test for low flammability (IMO FTP Code Part 5) and partly for smoke density and toxicity (IMO FTP Code Part 2). For commercially used ships, yachts and boats only approved paints may be used. In addition, insurance companies often require IMO certification, for example for private yachts. The approval is recognizable by the steering wheel symbol and the certification number. Teknos offers a complete range of fillers, primers, topcoats and clearcoats that are IMO-certified and tested and approved for shipbuilding. 

Manual painting for a wide range of surfaces

A particularly versatile solution for interior and exterior surfaces is the ALPOCRYL Line which has excellent adhesion properties and can be used on a wide range of substrates including wood, MDF, chipboard, metal, plastic and even glass. Within the ALPOCRYL Line we offer a solvent-based 2C-polurethane top coat which is suitable as a coating in coating system for mixing equipments. This permits the mixture of almost any color.

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Parquet flooring

Durable Teknos laquers for parquet floors, that on top of having IMO certificates, fulfill also friction demands of gymnasium and has the best inside air classification of M1.

manual painting for metal surfaces

For on-site corrosion protection both exterior and interior use there is water-borne Ferrex Aqua system including primer and top coat. The system can be used on all metal parts, for example railings, fixtures and so on, also for repair work.

Industrially applicable paint systems for metal surfaces

For ship building with industrial metal painting processes we have powder coatings and wet metal paints. Teknos powder coating range applies on furniture, bed structures, ventilation parts, wall and ceiling panels, railings, moldings, all for both interior and exterior use. Two of the products has M1 certificate for the best interior air classification.

Industrially applicaple powder coating paint systems for metal surfaces

Industrially applicable metal wet paint TEKNODUR COMBI 3430 can be used for cabins, wet spaces like bathroom metal parts, ceilings, walls, fixtures and also more heavy metal structures.  These products are for corrosion protection and finished outlook and can be used for exterior metal parts, too.