TEKNOL S 6005-00

Wood preservative for vacuum impregnation

  • Solvent-borne
  • Wood preservative

TEKNOL S 6005-00 is an industrial wood preservative for new untreated wood designated for exterior use (use classes 2-3) as defined in BS/EN 335-1 such as windows and doors.

The product protects the wood surface and the impregnated area against wood destroying and wood discolouring fungi and satisfies the performance requirements of EN 599-1. Furthermore the wood becomes more dimensional stable. TEKNOL S 6005-00 can be applied by dipping or vacuum impregnation, and TEKNOL S 6005-00 will only be used for non-durable softwood, typically pine. Wood treated with TEKNOL S 6005-00 must be coated with a topcoat prior being used for exterior elements. TEKNOL S 6005-00 is BPR authorized in several EU countries, so prior to start using TEKNOL S 6005-00, please contact your local Teknos office or e-mail to sales@teknos.com. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

TEKNOL S 6005-00 minimizes patchiness in subsequent translucent surface treatments. TEKNOL S 6005-00 is solvent borne, and is only available as clear, which typically is used for exterior windows and doors.

Technical data sheet

Volatile organic compound (VOC) See Safety Data Sheet.
Thinner TEKNOL S 6005-00 is delivered ready for use.