Exterior wood coatings that weather-proof against rain, uv-light and temperature extremes

Industrial coatings for garden furniture, playgrounds, fences, balconies and terrace decking

Outdoor wooden furniture, balconies, playgrounds and fences are constantly exposed to the elements. Any gaps in the protective coating can cause severe damage to occur to the wood

We have developed innovative solutions to weather-proof timber and keep it looking attractive year after year. Thanks to intelligent formulas and the latest raw materials, our coatings offer exceptional benefits that outperform most standard solutions in terms of surface finish and application. Our primers and topcoats work together to resist weathering by rain, UV-light, and temperature extremes, preventing the timber from discolouring and protecting it against wood destroying fungi.

Coatings for garden furniture

Wood can complement almost every outdoor space and its strong and durable structure makes it a natural choice for garden furniture. Our coatings have been designed to enhance the natural beauty of wood whilst providing outstanding protection against the elements.

Coatings for terrace decking

Our coatings enable you to achieve a natural coloured finish for wood decking and prevent flacking and discolouration problems.

Coatings for balconies

Often positioned to maximise exposure to the sun, balconies are particularly susceptible to weathering by UV-light. They also need to withstand damage that can be caused by extreme temperatures and rain. Our balcony coatings have been specifically formulated to treat wood that is exposed to the elements, particularly on horizontal surfaces.

Coatings for fencing

Our specially formulated coatings provide effective protection against weathering and ground contact, help to prevent rot, and prolong the life of fencing.

Coatings for playgrounds

Available in an extensive range of translucent and opaque shades, our hard-wearing coatings protect playground equipment against weathering and brighten up any outdoor play area.