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Robust coatings to withstand the harshest conditions

We have been using wood in construction for thousands of years and today it remains as one of the premium choices for achieving a high quality, beautiful façade to any building   

From traditional or modern, left in its natural state or luxuriously finished, cladding not only contributes to the aesthetic finish of a building, it plays an important role in their structure by transferring wind loads, impact loads and self-weight back to the structural framework.

We provide an extensive range of protective coatings, including fire-retardant coatings, that are available in both opaque and translucent finishes. Our high performance products have been developed to help cladding withstand the harshest climates and protect the timber from UV-light, rain, humidity, cold and heat. 


Deepak Amarnath
Technical Service Manager
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Standard cladding

We have extensive experience and a strong focus on developing effective coating solutions for cladding manufacturers. Due to exposure to moisture and sunlight, uncoated cladding will weather and turn silver/grey over time. Our coatings have been developed to achieve durability and protect against wood discolouring fughi and UV-light.

Example coating systems