Three times faster, sustainable rotor blade repair

Teknos product introduction at WindEnergy Hamburg

Vamdrup, 19. September 2018 – The paint manufacturer Teknos introduces the innovative repair coating Teknoblade Repair 9000 as a new product at the trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg. Unlike conventional three-coat solutions, damage to rotor blade edges can be repaired with the new high solid paint in just one single coat. In practice this means three times the level of productivity in repair work. The mechanical properties of the coating are tested according to international standards and clearly exceed the resilience of conventional repair solutions. In addition to the new repair lacquer, Teknos will introduce other innovative low-VOC and cost-effective coating solutions for on- and offshore towers, rotor blades and components (WindEnergy Hamburg, 25 - 28 September, hall B7, stand 242).

Teknoblade Repair 9000 is an elastomer-based high solid coating with 100% proportion of solids. It can be sprayed and manually applied and forms a protective elastic layer with a thickness of up to 5 millimetres. The product can be used as a preventive edge protection on new rotor blades as well as used for rotor blade repair. While in conventional repair paint systems usually a three-coat system with primer, filling and topcoat is required, the new paint is capable of repairing damaged edges in one single coating. Repair work is three times faster, which means that repair contractors achieve considerably higher productivity and plant operators achieve clearly reduced downtimes.

Another advantage is the processing conditions. Teknoblade Repair 9000 can be processed at temperatures between minus 20 and plus 70 degrees Celsius, dries very quickly and has exceptional adhesion. Unlike conventional repair lacquers, which cannot be processed at minus temperatures, the new repair coating primarily for offshore use enables a clearly larger application window allowing considerably more repair days in spring and autumn.

Coating with Teknoblade Repair 9000 offers a high resilience and a long lasting protective effect on rotor blades. The special elasticity means the layer of paint absorbs high energies in collision with objects. The impact resistance has been subjected to a rain drop test by independent Danish engineering company AeroNordic in accordance with DNVGL-RP-0171. The Teknoblade Repair coating withstood the defined exposure at 130 m/s speed for 21 hours, clearly longer than conventional coating systems on rotor blades.

Processing and mechanical properties make Teknoblade Repair 9000 a unique solution for the protection and repair of rotor blade edges.  One-coat application and processing temperatures to minus 20 degrees enable considerably more productive repairs. The elastic layer of paint works similarly to a protective cover, but is clearly more economical than standard market film solutions and exceeds the resilience of conventional coatings for rotor blades by far.

"Teknoblade Repair 9000 is an exceptional solution, which has the potential to revolutionise the repair of rotor blades”, explains Henrik Hansen, Market Manager Teknos Denmark. “This is also confirmed by repair contractors who have already tested the product in practice. At WindEnergy we show among other things a documentation of repair works of the Muehlhan Group with our new solution. We anticipate that Teknoblade Repair 9000 will generate a lot of interest in Hamburg.

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