Pure Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea is a technology where an extremely tolerant and fast-setting coating is created by adjusting properties of two reactive components. Curing takes place within seconds rather than minutes. Due to its toughness and elasticity, it's one of the most resisting coatings on the planet.

TEKNOPUR 300 elastomeric coating
Functional pure polyurea technology

TEKNOPUR 300 withstands high abrasion, impacts and extreme mechanical loads. It also creates a seamless waterproof paint film that gives matchless protection to the surface beneath the coating. TEKNOPUR 300 is highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

When it comes to operational temperatures, TEKNOPUR 300 offers a wide temperature area. Typical usage temperatures are from 40 degrees below zero up to +150 degrees C.

Solvent-free TEKNOPUR 300 emits no volatile organic compounds and therefore it is an environmentally friendly choice as well.

Suitable for industries and objects, such as:

  • Mining industry
  • Pipelines
  • Secondary containment
  • Machines
  • Transportation vehicles 
  • Roofs
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete structures
  • Pools

For more detailed information, click the button below to view or download the TEKNOPUR 300 brochure. Watch also a video about our polyurea technology.

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