Our Paints

We choose high quality raw materials at manufacture so that we can offer the best performing coatings we can.

What does this mean for our customers?

Superior pigments and binders

Maintenance times are reduced as the quality of the raw materials prolong the life of the paints.

No heavy metals

Teknos paints are, water-based, developed with sustainability in mind and do not contain lead, chrome or other heavy metals, making them easy to use.

Good flowing agents

The excellent flow of Teknos paints make them extremely easy to use, whether you are brushing, rolling, spraying or vacuum coating. Furthermore, they retain their ‘wet-edge’ when rolling or brushing onto walls giving you an even, smooth finish that is harder to achieve with for example, chalk-based paints.

Low to no odour

It’s good to know that when using Teknos paints you and the environment are protected from harmful fumes. Please remember however that as with all paints, protective equipment and clothing is advised particularly when spraying.

High solids content

A higher proportion of solids gives better coverage than many of our competitors reducing the number of coats of paint you need and making the job a whole lot easier.

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