Futura Aqua 20

Semi-matt waterborne interior and exterior paint

Very hard wearing topcoat for interior wood such as doors, windows & kitchen cabinets. Marine equipment approval. Touch dry in 1 hour, recoat in 4 hours. Available in base 1 & 3.


For use indoors on doors and door frames, window frames, skirting boards, panelling, staircase railings, furniture and radiators. It is also suitable for use outdoors on primed window frames, doors and garden furniture.

Type Waterborne urethane alkyd based top coat
Gloss level Semi-matt
Spreading rate 8–10 m²/l
Thinner Water
Application method Brush, roller and spray
Package sizes 

Futura Aqua 3 Primer

0.9, 2.7, 9 Litres

Futura Aqua 20 Data Sheet and more information...

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