When it comes to exceptionally demanding industrial users such as crane manufacturers, quality coating means, most of all, mechanical durability. With cranes that operate outdoors, that requirement is complemented by ability to resist corrosion and UV radiation. Reliable operations need coating solutions that you can always count on, no matter the weather conditions or the size of the load. Our industry-leading products, along with our technical service and assistance, ensure that an ideal solution can be found for every purpose and situation.

Especially with cranes that operate indoors, epoxy-based coatings are still being widely used to meet the requirements for mechanical durability. Outdoors, to add the ability to resist corrosion and UV radiation, polyurethane coatings are used together with epoxy-based primers. These products need to be extremely reliable and of the best possible quality. As cranes often operate under the most demanding conditions and toughest stress, zinc rich primers are used to further improve the corrosion resistance abilities and to further lengthen the overall lifetime.

We have systematically developed our product range to answer the demanding and often evolving industrial challenges. For crane industries, we provide both traditional multi-layer solutions as well as one-layer solutions which, along with state-of-the-art product properties, ensure short through-put time.