Futura Aqua 20

Semi matt interior paint

A beautiful, smooth, semi matt finish particularly suited to furniture and wall panelling.

Waterborne urethane alkyd based top coat for detached and fixed furniture indoors. Finish: semi-matt.

Indoors FUTURA AQUA 20 is suitable for primed and previously with alkyd paintpainted wood, metal and building board surfaces: doors, window casements,cabinets, mouldings, panels, panel ceilings, air ducts, staircase railings, radiators andpiping systems.

Outdoors FUTURA AQUA 20 is suitable for painting primed window casements,doors, garden furniture etc.

Indoors FUTURA AQUA 20 is also suitable for plaster and filler surfaces primed with FUTURA AQUA 3 Primer, for example window sills and casings, and wall surfaces inspecial objects, e.g. staircases.

Easy to apply, developed with sustainability in mind and provides the hardness and durability of oil based paints. Futura Aqua boasts excellent resistance to weather and UV rays, and retains its colour and gloss over time.

Futura Aqua 20 Advice Sheet and more information