Wood and metal paints

A modern, water-based family of exceptionally versatile paints.

For use indoors and outdoors

These easy-to-apply paints provide the hardness and durability of oil based paints and have been developed with sustainability in mind. They also boast excellent resistance to weather and UV rays and retain their colour and gloss over time.

The Futura Aqua range can be used both outdoor and indoor and is suitable for primed and previously painted surfaces including old oil based paint. Futura Aqua is available in three gloss levels: semi-matt, semi-gloss, and gloss.

Futura Aqua 20

Semi-matt exterior and interior paint

A beautiful, smooth, semi-matt finish suited to exterior woodwork, as well as furniture indoors and wall panelling.

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Futura Aqua 40

Semi gloss interior/exterior wood/metal paint

For a rich, satin finish for internal and external wood or metal work.

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Futura Aqua 80

Gloss interior/exterior wood/metal paint

High gloss, urethane enhanced, paint for the ‘Downing Street door’ look. Glossy & durable.

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