Futura Aqua 3

Adhesion Primer

Adhesion primer for interior and exterior wood, and metal surfaces. Promotes adhesion and durability of Futura Aqua topcoats.

This is a waterborne, full-matt, alkyd based adhesion primer. For wooden and galvanized surfaces indoors as well as for wooden surfaces outdoors.

Suitable as an adhesion primer for wooden and building board surfaces as well as for non-rusting metal surfaces: doors, window casements, cabinets, mouldings, panels, panel ceilings, air ducts, radiators and piping systems.

Outdoors FUTURA AQUA 3 is suitable for priming wooden window casements, doors, balcony rails, garden furniture etc.

Indoors FUTURA AQUA 3 is also suitable for priming plaster and filler surfaces when the substrate must be especially durable and smooth: window sills and casings, and wall surfaces in special objects, e.g. staircases.

Futura Aqua 3 Advice Sheet and more information