Colourless coatings for windows

Colourless coating systems for windows

UV-light can have a significant impact on timber. It breaks down the lignin of the wood and the effect of UV light can lead to a photochemical reaction of the substance materials in most timbers. This can result in bleaching, yellowing or even darkening of the wood surface. 

Our coatings are designed to keep your windows and doors looking attractive year after year and they work together to resist attack from UV-light, rain, heat and cold. All our coatings have been designed to meet a wide range of process and end use requirements from spray, dip tank, flow coat or brush application.

Example coating systems

Wood preservative* GORI 356 / TEKNOL AQUA 1410-01 GORI 356 / TEKNOL 1410-01
Intermediate AQUAFILLER 6500 ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901
Topcoat AQUATOP 2600-6X AQUATOP 2600-6X
* Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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