Teknos plants trees in India to compensate for paper usage

Since the beginning of year 2019, Teknos has been taking part in a PrintReleaf Reforestation program. The program aims to help companies to compensate their paper usage (printed amount) by planting trees in a carefully chosen place such as a rainforest.

A software automatically measures the amount of papers printed at Teknos and calculates and converts it to the amount of trees that needs to be planted. The data goes to a third party organization, PrintReleaf, which plants the trees on behalf of the company. PrintReleaf is also responsible for certificating the process.

Teknos is committed to make the world last longer and takes its environmental impact seriously. The company has now planted more than 250 trees in the Indian rainforests. Although joining the Program is a great way to compensate a paper’s carbon footprint the ultimate goal for the company is, of course, to print less.

Nearly all Teknos countries are already a part of the PrintReleaf program, and those countries which have not been incorporated, will be added in the Program during autumn 2019.

Teknos plants trees in India to compensate for paper usage.