70 years of Teknos careers


We know that our employees are vital to our success, and want to create and hold on to a company where ideas flow and where our people feel happy to come to work everyday.

If you want to develop your skills and capabilities and are looking for a role that will challenge you, do not hesitate to take contact. We would be more than happy to hear from you as well as your expertise and interest in Teknos. 

Please send us an open application through this link or have a look at our open positions.

Why work for Teknos?

Working at Teknos means that you will be working in a fair, open and creative company, where professional and personal development is encouraged. And, our people truly enjoy working here: according to our employee survey,  89 % of our employees would recommend Teknos as an employer.*

As a company we have strong focus on development, innovation and environmental aspects. Our working culture stems from our unique heritage. We have come a long way from a small test lab put up in an henhouse to discover a solution to a leaking roof problem to a global coatings company.

Today, we employ over 1,700 people in over 20 countries, but still, we have not lost the feeling of being a family-owned company nor the courage to think differently.

Our values: creativity, persistence and fairness still shine through in our everyday work and the way we treat our people and our customers. 

What do we offer? 

We offer our employees challenging and rewarding Teknos jobs within the coatings industry for professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our roles cover various fields from research and development to marketing or manufacturing. 
We are also committed to harnessing future talents by offering e.g the Teknos Trainee Program to university students and summer jobs to young people, many of whom have found a permanent job with us.

What are we looking for?

We look forward to seeing people who want to grow with us and the take the company to the next level. People, who have the vision and drive to make the company even better for future generations. Likewise, we value people how enjoy hands-on-work in paint production or who see themselves doing research and innovating and developing completely new types of surface solutions. 

Our values

Our values influence all our operations. They define what is important and appreciated within the company. Following them in our daily work enables us to develop our products, operations – and even ourselves as a team – for the benefit of our customers. 


While creative thinking is particularly emphasized in research and development, it also manifests itself throughout the company. Creativity becomes visual in the way we respond to the evolving customer needs, both when it comes to technical properties and customer service.


The determination to discover the best possible solution for every customer need is visible in our long-term partnerships. We are committed to constantly improve our expertise and performance by working in several long-term development projects both inside the company as well as helping the customers in refining their processes.


All customers, personnel and partners are treated equally and with respect in accordance with the legislation of each country. This is reflected by our honesty and the way we keep our promises. Our knowledge and experience is openly shared with our employees.

*Teknos Employee Opinion Survey 2017

Anniriina Hytönen: Sustainable development is visible throughout

Through a trainee program to permanent position.

Application processing

Applications sent to Teknos are stored for six months after the end of application period after which they are deleted. Open applications are stored for six months after receive date. Applications are processed by authorized recruiting responsible HR personnel from Teknos Group Oy and its subsidiaries and/or recruiting manager(s) for a position in question.

Information is not forwarded to third parties.

You can request the removal of your information at any time by sending a request to careers@teknos.com.