Deck cleaner

Directions for use


Wet wooden surfaces with water before applying the detergent. This prevents the detergent from absorving too much and drying too fast. Apply the detergent to the surface to be cleaned by using e.g. a brush or low-pressure spray (so-called garden spray). NB! Avoid splashing – the detergent may damage painted surfaces. Let it act for abt. 5 minutes. Enhance the cleaning effect by brushing. When the detergent has acted, it creates a slippery surface. The detergent must not dry on the surface to be cleaned - wet the surface again with the washing fluid, if needed. If the dirt has got very embedded, a second treatment with RENSA TERRACE might be needed. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water. When using a pressure washer avoid excessive wetting of the wooden structures, such as weatherboards and outer walls. Let the surface dry for about 24 hours before painting or other treatment.


Must not freeze.

Technical data

pH 14
Dilution For washing of and pre-treating surface to be painted: 1 : 1 (1 litre of detergent to 1 litre of water). For very dirty surfaces: Undiluted.
Thinner Water.
Packages 1 L, 5 L
Safety markings See Safety Data Sheet.
Approvals & certificates "OECD 301B, EC 648 / 2004"

Technical data sheet