Quality and environment

Quality and environment

Our commitment to quality and environmental issues is deeply embedded in our operating principles. 

Operating principles

Our goal is to develop, manufacture and deliver paint products and provide related services in a responsible way that respects the environemnt, the people we work with and the communities we work within. Our operating principles aim to:

  • Ensure high customer satisfaction
  • Implement safe manufacturing processes for the environment and our personnel
  • Reduce our burden on the environment
  • Achieve above average profitability

Embedded in everything we do

We believe our best supplier is Earth - our planet provides us with the raw materials we need to develop our paints, produce our packaging, and transport our products around the world. To help ensure we protect these resources for future generations we approach product development and manufacturing in an environmentally friendly way. We strive to:

  • Develop our knowledge and competence in all our operating sectors.
  • Provide our customers with guidance to select products which meet their performance and application requirements with minimum environmental impact.
  • Target product development in an environmentally responsible manner by selecting appropriate raw materials and by further developing low-solvent and water borne technology.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our production by making efficient use of raw materials and by further developing manufacturing processes.
  • Provide our employees, customers and other interested parties with information related to the environment, health and security.


Environmental responsibility on every parameter

REACH, VOC, BPD… keeping up to date with today’s complex regulations is time consuming and complicated, but we can help ensure you are compliant with the latest legislation. Our research labs boast some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in paints and coatings. They can help you align your practices with today's environemntal rules and prepare for future legislation.

We are highly committed to environmental responsibility and have made EU environmental regulations one of the cornerstones of our development process. All our paints and coatings comply with the known requirements of REACH and the VOC directive. We also believe in future proofing our operations so we have also eliminated the use of raw materials that may be prohibited when REACH is fully implemented.